Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Design Brief

Is this a new site or redesign? If the site is a redesign how does it integrate with your other activities? Is this a complete overhaul or just a cosmetic makeover?

Aims and Objectives
What do you want to achieve by the website, e.g. is it a shop front, e-commerce site, information site etc.

Who is your intended audience – resist the temptation to say everyone as this leads to a website that satisfies nobody’s requirements.

Design Specifications
Are there any design requirements such as colours, fonts, images etc. How much text will appear on each page – maybe give example of websites you like?
List any assets that need to be supplied.

Functionality Specifications
How will your website work – maybe include a flow chart detailing how the pages interact. Are there any interactive elements, databases, specific functions: print page, email a friend, contact form etc.

Specify exactly what the designer must provide e.g. whole website or just templates, logos, a level of accessibility

Specify a realistic timetable for the variable to be delivered, including time for checking and evaluation prior to launch.

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