Friday, April 15, 2011

Cool USB's

A USB is a functional device that is also incredibly handy. It can also be a beautiful bit of design or something quite cute

Budweiser Offers Beer-Filled USB Drive Bud USBA Budweiser newest promotional USB filled with golden goodness
R2D2 USBstarwars - r2d2 usbwhat list is complete without a starwars gadget
Ninja Flash Driveninja usbA cute ninja usb fashioned from tactile, water resistant silicone.
Lego man USBlego usbAn official LEGO Minifigure USB drive. Need I say more.
Gold Robot Flash Drivegold robot usbBe decedant and geeky at the same time with this little fellow
Clothespin USB Flash Drive clothspeg usbSomething just so simple about this, I really like it.
Wooden USB Stickwood usbSome very woody USB sticks
Transformers UBS A usb and a toy that transforms to Ravage, the tiger-like creature in Transformers 2

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