Friday, March 04, 2011

Lobster Font

Lobster Font

The Lobster script font, designed by Pablo Impallari is growing in poularity on websites and I can see why. It is a free font, that is on the Google Web Fonts Directory and looks wonderful.

As a script font it gets around the problem of how to join the letters up by having multiple versions of each letter, with over 79 subtle ligatures and 37 terminal forms that .which not only makes it fully versatile that works well on websites and even on print but also makes it look great. The font is bold and condensed that supports full Latin1 Charset.

For more information on Lobster font go to impallari

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leonie wise said...

I am hopelessly in love with the Candy Script font. But since I am not a designer and would probably never find a practical use for it, I'm not going to spend £70 on it!

This one seems like the better (and more affordable) option and is unlikely to end in divorce.

And google web fonts? Awesome
(Doesn't take much to get me excited.)